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Desktop Valuations / Limited Appraisals

A “Desktop Valuation” also known as a limited appraisal is the newest product offering at Validata. The appraiser assigned will use all available tools online to develop an opinion of value based on assumptions that the subject property is in good condition and conforms to the neighborhood in terms of style and construction. The product is a great option for the lender to receive an estimate of value for a subject property without the upfront cost of a full appraisal.

The way the program works is as follows, you order the Desktop Valuation and within approximately 24 hours the assigned appraiser will deliver the Desktop Valuation Summary Appraisal Report to the Validata interface, immediately notifying the lender client. The report will contain the property type, market trend, comparable sales, and of course an opinion of value.

If the Desktop Valuation falls within the parameters to complete the loan then the lender client can order a full appraisal. The initial cost of the Desktop Appraisal will then be absorbed into the cost of the full appraisal.