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Flood Certifications

Validata Lender Services believes in supporting all phases of the lending process and can provide flood determination solutions to keep the origination process moving forward. Count on Validata Lender Services to help you remain within federal compliance while realizing your flood risk, all on our secure online platform. Whether you need a basic flood determination, or a life-of-loan service that will guarantee up-to-date flood data over the span of the mortgage, we’ve got you covered.

We deliver all flood determinations on the standard flood hazard determination form as required by federal regulations. The data within this form is pulled directly from current and effective Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Important aspects within this form include the NFIP Map number or community number, the effective date of the Map Panel, the type of flood zone, availability of federal flood insurance, and of course the determination. This information, combined with our proprietary technology, provides you with an efficient and streamlined experience.